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ELKO Warehouse

ELKO EP, S.R.L., based in Holešov, Czech Republic, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic equipment, such as varying types of relays, for applications in industrial, commercial, and residential automation environments. ELKO has supplied their products for the past 25 years and offers not just “components for automation,“ but entire solutions to continue maintaining product quality down to the last detail.

Products Developed and Manufactured Under the Same Roof

Products Developed and Manufactured Under the Same Roof
ELKO performs research and development in their new R&D center with more than 30 engineers at work developing new products and extending the functionality of existing products. Since 2005, ELKO has sustained their product line through their new production hall, in which they focus on logistics, capacity, and quality requirements of their entire production process. Their manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic has over 2,000 square meters of production space that helps to supply a stock of more than 200 types of relays. The company is proud to produce its own components, have its own product development team, and innovate new products.

Efficient Production & Comprehensive Inventory

Efficient Production & Comprehensive Inventory – Ready to Ship
In addition to the inventory maintained at FactoryMation, ELKO products are found in their main production center located in Holešov, Czech Republic. Additionally, ELKO provides their services in 15 foreign branches around the world, and exports to over 70 countries. With cutting-edge SMD production lines producing nearly 1 million components a day and two shift operations, ELKO’s efficient production helps to ensure that their products are ready to ship throughout the USA and other international locations with instantaneous distribution and rapid, flawless service. ELKO is focused on producing quality products and proposing comprehensive and highly effective solutions to enhance their everyday services.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy
ELKO has produced all of its products in conformity with ISO 9001 production standards for over 14 years and takes environmental protection into consideration with their ISO 14001 certification. The quality of ELKO’s production depends on components, and therefore, when selecting their suppliers for product parts, they pay special attention to the quality of materials supplied. To prevent any possible errors, ELKO also performs tests at different phases of production. Newly developed products are tested for every possibility of normal use. ELKO strives to have all tests meet stricter parameters than the specified conditions set by production standards.


FactoryMation offers ELKO relays that include electro-mechanical, solid state, timing, alternating, and sequencing features. Depending on the project environment and application, ELKO’s range of over 200 relays ensures that there is a product to suit customers’ needs. ELKO standard stock relay types include:

Electro-Mechanical Relays
Monitoring Relays
Timing, Alternating &
Sequencing Relays
Timing, Alternating & Sequencing Relays
Relay Accessories
Modular Pushbuttons
& Indicators
Modular Pushbuttons & Indicators