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Product Selection
Through consistently high-quality products serving an array of industries, LS Electric has grown quickly into a leading manufacturer of industrial automation and control products. LS Electric regularly aims to profess its world-class status through its world-class quality, cost, and delivery goals that direct the manufacture of every product. The following LS Electric products are supplied by FactoryMation:

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Circuit Breakers
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
& Overloads
Contactors & Overloads
Manual Motor
Manual Motor Protectors

Company Information

Manufacturing Facility

LSIS is a total solution provider of electric power systems/automations, smart grid solutions and photovoltaic systems. They offer the highest quality and eco-friendly green innovations to our world-wide customers. With sales revenues approaching $3 billion USD, LSIS has long been the market leader in Korea. Their global reach continues to grow and expand as they have become a worldwide leader in the smart power transmission, smart power distribution, and smart industrial automation markets.
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Company History

Company History
LS Electric has been known by many names. They were founded in 1974 as Lucky Packing Co., Ltd. In 1987, their company name changed to Goldstar Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. In 1994, the company went public with their stock and changed their name to LG Industrial Systems. After the merger, acquisition, and development of many different business units and companies, the company was renamed to LSIS Co., Ltd in 2015 to reflect the much-expanded corporate scope and capabilities. The LS Electric headquarters, LS Tower, is in Seoul, South Korea. LS Electric has manufacturing facilities, subsidiaries, and sales offices in many countries across Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Research and Development

Research and Development
As a total-solutions provider in the power and automation industry, the LS Electric R&D Group focuses on activating existing businesses, securing growth engines for green and next-generation businesses, and maximizing R&D performance and efficiency. LS Electric continuously works to secure core competencies to gain first-mover advantage in the power transmission, power distribution, and industrial automation markets while focusing R&D capacity to build a foundation for the next generation of the business. LS Electric operates R&D centers in four South Korean locations and one location in Shanghai, China. Their Power Testing & Technology Institute is engaged in improving technological competitiveness. This facility is an internationally-renowned testing center that has formed partnerships with the UL, CE, KEMA and CESI for carrying out joint assessments. The mission of the LS Electric R&D Group is to:

  • Research and develop commercialization of new technologies, next generation technologies, and future growth engines
  • Provide solutions to technical obstacles encountered by operational divisions
  • Ensure perfect quality control in research findings


In order to maintain their competitive advantage and prepare for the future, LS Electric has been expanding R&D investment every year. They invest around 6% of sales to R&D and focus on developing next-generation products and technologies for new businesses as well as core technologies to lead into the future.