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Finder Product Selection
Product Selection
For over 50 years, Finder S.p.A. has been committed to developing and manufacturing reliable, high-quality products. Their expansive selection of industrial electrical relays feature reliability coupled with convenience with finder’s push-in style technology enabling quick and easy connection of wires. With a variety of relay styles from electro-mechanical to solid state, Finder designs products that provide solutions for a multitude of industrial applications. The following Finder products are offered by FactoryMation:

Electro-Mechanical Relays
Solid State
Solid State Relays
Timing, Alternating &
Sequencing Relays
Timing, Alternating & Sequencing Relays
Relay Sockets
& Accessories
Relay Sockets & Accessories

Company Information

European Headquarters

USA Headquarters
Finder has been making electromechanical relays in Europe since 1954 and has been directly serving American customers for over 25 years. Over time, Finder has concentrated its efforts to increase manufacturing of quality products to serve these markets. Today, Finder manufactures over 12,500 types of products including industrial relays, miniature relays, ultra-slim relays, power relays, timers relay sockets, and more.

Research, Development, and Production

Research, Development, and Production
Finder consistently strives to better their products and services through these main themes: research, product and processes development, high-tech automation, digital transformation, and expansion of infrastructure. Finder is also proud to be technologically self-sufficient due to manufacturing products from their own resources and renewable energy sources. Production is carried out with the most sophisticated and modern machines in the field. Finder utilizes four factories with machines designed and built in-house by their team of expert technicians. Tests are conducted throughout the entire production process including tests on each individual component as well as the finished product. This strict quality control process ensures that Finder is always providing the highest quality products in an efficient yet effective manner. Efficient production and a fully automated production line allow Finder to manufacture over 400,000 parts per day and maintain over 4,000 warehouse-managed part numbers.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities
Finder manufactures its products across four facilities. Their main headquarters and production plant are situated in Almese, north-west Italy. They also have production plants in Sanfront near Cuneo, north-west Italy; in Saint Jean de Maurienne, south-east France; and in Valencia, Spain. Finder also has two logistics centers: one in Trebur near Frankfurt, Germany and another in Almese. Finder’s Italian headquarters located in Almese began as a one-story building but has consistently grown over the past six decades into an industrial center expanding to accommodate the increasing production requirements of the global market. The Almese site is the executive and administrative center of the company as well as the main manufacturing facility, producing over 70% of the company’s output. Some of Finder’s other manufacturing facilities are located in the north-west Alps region, an area characterized by strong international outlook and high export achievement. Their production plant in Valencia, Spain has high-quality services that complement Finder’s existing plants’ in terms of an efficient manufacturing process and an emphasis on product quality.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy
Finder has established a comprehensive quality assurance system to ensure their products meet all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard. Finder products also have a wide range of world-wide quality approvals including marine, hazardous locations, and rail certifications. Additionally, Finder has multiple environmental certifications including the ISO 14001: 2015 certification to ensure that Finder’s production is safe for human health as well as for the environment.