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Establish Net30 Account

Businesses wishing to set up an open account with FactoryMation can download the business credit application below. Please note the following when submitting the credit application:

  • If you wish to attach your own credit reference sheet, please ensure all information is up to date in order to allow for the shortest time possible for account establishment.
  • Check the credit application to be sure all required information is included.
  • All credit applications must be signed to give permission for FactoryMation representatives to submit credit reference requests to listed references.
  • Time for account set up is typically 48 to 72 hours from time of credit application submission. If initial orders require a quicker turnaround, credit card is recommended for payment.
  • Please email credit applications to: Support@factorymation.com or fax to: 770.721.7376


FactoryMation Business Credit Application