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Motor Controls

Motor Controls
Motor Control devices provide the electrical control required to run a given motor. There are three main types of motor controllers: contactors, thermal overloads, and manual motor starters. Contactors provide remote electronic switching of electrical circuits, and thermal overloads provide overload protection for the electrical circuits. Manual motor starters provide manual switching of the circuits while also offering short circuit protection and thermal overload protection.
Contactors and
Contactors and OverloadsContactors and Overloads
Manual Motor
Manual Motor ProtectorsManual Motor Protectors
Enclosed DOL
Motor Starters
Enclosed DOL Motor StartersEnclosed DOL Motor Starters
Enclosed Combination
Motor Starters
Enclosed Combination Motor StartersEnclosed Combination Motor Starters
Soft Starters
Enclosed Soft StartersEnclosed Soft Starters
Control Panels
Modified/Custom Control PanelsModified/Custom Control Panels