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Sales Tax Collection & Exemption

Sales Tax Quick Facts
Sales Tax Quick Facts
  • FactoryMation collects and remits sales tax as required by the state in the ship-to address
  • For tax-exempt companies, you must send a valid tax exemption certificate
  • Tax exemptions are per jurisdiction
  • You may be required to send updated exemptions periodically
  • Tax-exempt status is applied to the specific account number only

Sales Tax Collection
Sales Tax Collection
We collect and remit sales tax for all orders shipped as required by the state they are shipped to.

Sales tax is calculated based on state and local jurisdiction rates where required. All orders submitted without a valid and accepted tax exemption will be subject to sales tax if required by the ship-to jurisdiction. You will have an opportunity to review any applicable tax before order completion, and by completing the order with sales tax you agree to pay the tax as states.

  • Sales tax is NOT included in the listed price of a product
  • If your company is tax exempt in this state, you will need to provide a valid tax exemption certificate to us before your order is submitted
  • Collected taxes will not be refunded

Submit Tax Exemption
Submit Tax Exemption
How to Submit Tax Exemption Status

You can submit your tax exemption certificate in two ways:


NOTE: You must submit a valid certificate to prove your existing tax-exempt status.

To request tax exemption for a state:
You must provide a valid and complete tax exemption certificate for that jurisdiction. Requests for tax exemption must be accepted by FactoryMation, LLC to take effect. We reserve the right to reject tax-exemption requests or documentation at our discretion.

By submitting tax documentation to FactoryMation, LLC:
You are representing that the information accurately reflects your tax status and that you will provide updated documentation as needed to maintain the accuracy of your tax status. We may require updated exemptions periodically due to upcoming expiration dates, account changes, or internal review processes. Failure to provide updated documentation may result in tax-exempt status being removed from the account.

Tax exemption documentation, if accepted:
Will be assigned to the specific account number. New accounts opened via our online webstore will not have access to existing account information or tax status. If you have a tax-exempt account and require additional login for the website, contact Customer Service.

If we begin collecting tax in additional states or jurisdictions:
You will be required to submit applicable tax exemptions for the new jurisdictions regardless of previously supplied documentation.

Helpful Links & Resources
Multistate Tax Commission
Multistate Tax Commission

An intergovernmental state tax agency whose mission is to promote uniform and consistent tax policy and administration among the states, assist taxpayers in achieving compliance with existing tax laws, and advocate for state and local sovereignty in the development of tax policy.

Streamlined Sales Tax
Streamlined Sales Tax

Includes a wide variety of sales tax and tax exemption information

State Contact Information

For additional help, visit this page to find a list of sales tax-related contact information organized by state.