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M Type Documentation

XGB M Type Programmable Logic Controllers

M Type Manual (19mb)XGB M Type Manual
Table of ContentsTable of Contents, Safety Instructions and Revision History

Ch 1: IntroductionOverview of User Manual structure and chapter contents

Ch 2: Quick Start GuideProvides a step-by-step guide to setting up the XGB PLC, creating a sample program, and writing it to the PLC using XG5000

Ch 3: Installation and WiringSafety Instructions, Power Budget, Wiring Guidelines, Main Unit I/O Specifications, and Main Unit Communication Specifications

Ch 4: CPU SpecificationsGeneral and performance Specifications, Data Backup Times, Program Instruction, Memory Areas, Data Types, and Application Methods

Ch 5: Programming ConceptsTable of Contents, Safety Instructions and Revision History

Ch 6: Instruction and Flag ListList of Instructions and details on their use

Ch 7: Built-in PIDBuilt-in PID Control, PID Instruction List, PID Auto-tuning, Example Programs, and Error Codes

Ch 8: Built-in High-speed CounterHigh-speed counter specifications, Internal Memory, and Examples

Ch 9: Discrete Expansion ModulesDigital Input and Output Module Specifications

Ch 10: Built-in PositioningPerformance Specifications, Positioning Operation Sequence, I/O Specifications, Positioning Parameters and Operation Data, Positioning Memory Area, Test Sequences and Operation Checks, Position Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Example Programs

Ch 11: MaintenancePreventative Maintenance, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting with Examples, Error Codes, Communication Diagnostics, Diagnostics for External Devices, Forced I/O, and Clearing All in the PLC

Appendix 1: Number SystemsIntroduction to various number systems used in the PLC and how they are expressed

Appendix 2: Measurement and Precision of TimersDetails on the Measurement and Precision of the timers within the PLC

Appendix 3: EMC StandardGuidelines to conform to the EMC Standard

XG5000 User Manual (22mb)     Download FREE XG500 Software V4.25.2XG5000 User Manual

XGB Analog Modules and Option Boards (13mb)XGB Analog Modules and Option Boards

High Speed Counter Module Manual (5mb)High Speed Counter Module Manual

Positioning Module (5mb)Positioning Module

Temperature Controller Modules Manual (5mb)Temperature Controller Modules Manual

Ethernet Communications Manual (FEnet) (7mb)Ethernet Communications Manual

Serial Communications Manual (Cnet) (5mb)Serial Communications Manual

Ethernet IP Communications Manual (4mb)Ethernet IP Communications Manual

DeviceNet Slave Module Manual (4mb)DeviceNet Slave Module Manual

Profibus Master Module Manual (4mb)Profibus Master Module Manual

Profibus Slave Module Manual (5mb)Profibus Slave Module Manual

CANopen Master and Slave Module Manual (4mb)CANopen Master and Slave Module Manual

Load Cell Input Module Manual (5mb)CANopen Master and Slave Modules Manual