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XG5000 Software Manual (21mb)XG5000 User Manual
Table of ContentsTable of Contents, Safety Instructions and Revision History

Ch 1: IntroductionFeatures, System Requirements, and Installation of XG5000 Software

Ch 2: Using XG5000Screen Configuration, Toolbox, Opening and Closing Projects, Editing Functions, and Program Options

Ch 3: Working with ProjectsProject Configuration, File Management, PLC Tasks and Programs, Passwords, and Integrated Project Networks

Ch 4: Variables and CommentsEditing Variables and Comments for Program and System

Ch 5: Ladder LogicLadder Logic Program Editing Tools and Changing Program Views

Ch 6: Instruction ListInstruction List Screen Configuration, Program Editing, View Setup, and Go To Function

Ch 7: Programming ConvenienceCross Referencing, Used Devices, and Program Check

Ch 8: Find and Replace FunctionFind Device, Find Text, Replace Device, Replace Text, and Find Again

Ch 9: PLC ParametersBasic Parameters, I/O Parameters, and Device Auto-Allocation Parameters

Ch 10: Online Connection to PLCConnection Options, Connecting/Disconnecting, Setup of Communication Module, Reset PLC, Reset Module, Clear All PLC, SD Card Formating, PLC Information, PLC History, PLC Errors, and Custom Events

Ch 11:PLC MonitoringMonitoring Enable and the following Monitoring Modes: Ladder, Variable, System, Device, Special Module, Trend, Data Traces, and PID

Ch 12: DebuggingDebugging Setup and Break Points

Ch 13: Online EditingEditing PLC program while connected to XG5000

Ch 14: PrintingPrint Project Setup

Ch 15: Program Simulator (XG-SIM)Setup and Restrictions for using the XG-SIM project simulator

Ch 16: Sequential Function BlockEditing Sequential Function Block programs

Ch 17: Structured TextEditing Structured Text programs

Ch 18: Event Input ModuleDetails on the setup of the Event Input Module to monitor and record external events

Ch 19: User Created Function BlocksDetails on how to create function blocks that are not included with XG5000

Ch 20: LS StudioLS Studio provides an integrated development environment for LSIS devices