WEG CFW100 Series

WEG’s CFW100 Series AC Drives are rated for 230V 1-phase input. Options range from 0.33 to 1 horsepower and feature IP20 finger-safe environmental protection. Control options include sensorless vector or V/Hz. The CFW100 Series AC Drives are the smallest on the market and operate fully rated up to 122°F (50°C). Built-in PLC, optional communication network and I/O modules, and optional modbus and CANopen enable versatility so that the CFW100 can be adapted to each application.
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WEG CFW100 AC Drive, 0.33HP, 240V 1 PH Input, 230V 3 PH Output, 1.6FLA, IP20, Frame A
WEG CFW100 AC Drive, 0.75HP, 240V 1 PH Input, 230V 3 PH Output, 2.6FLA, IP20, Frame B
WEG CFW100 AC Drive, 1.0HP, 240V 1 PH Input, 230V 3 PH Output, 4.2FLA, IP20, Frame C
WEG CFW100 Expansion Module, 1 Analog Input, 1 Relay Output
WEG CFW100 Expansion Module, 4 Isolated NPN/PNP Digital Inputs, 1 PNP Encoder Input
WEG CFW100 Expansion Module, InfraRed Communication Module, 1 Analog Input, 3 Relay Outputs
WEG CFW100 Communication Module, CANopen/Devicenet
WEG CFW100 Communication Module RS-485
WEG CFW100 Communication Module, USB
WEG CFW100 Flash Memory Module
WEG CFW100 Remote Keypad Kit, IP54
FactoryMation Software USB.