WEG CFW100 Series

WEG’s CFW100 Series AC Drives are rated for 230V 1-phase input. Options range from 0.33 to 1 horsepower and feature IP20 finger-safe environmental protection. Control options include sensorless vector or V/Hz. The CFW100 Series AC Drives are the smallest on the market and operate fully rated up to 122°F (50°C). Built-in PLC, optional communication network and I/O modules, and optional modbus and CANopen enable versatility so that the CFW100 can be adapted to each application.
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WEG CFW100 AC Drive, 0.33HP, 240V 1 PH Input, 230V 3 PH Output, 1.6FLA, IP20, Frame A
WEG CFW100 AC Drive, 0.75HP, 240V 1 PH Input, 230V 3 PH Output, 2.6FLA, IP20, Frame B
WEG CFW100 AC Drive, 1.0HP, 240V 1 PH Input, 230V 3 PH Output, 4.2FLA, IP20, Frame C
WEG CFW100 Expansion Module, 1 Analog Input, 1 Relay Output
WEG CFW100 Expansion Module, 4 Isolated NPN/PNP Digital Inputs, 1 PNP Encoder Input
WEG CFW100 Expansion Module, InfraRed Communication Module, 1 Analog Input, 3 Relay Outputs
WEG CFW100 Communication Module, CANopen/Devicenet
WEG CFW100 Communication Module RS-485
WEG CFW100 Communication Module, USB
WEG CFW100 Flash Memory Module
WEG CFW100 Remote Keypad Kit, IP54
FactoryMation Software USB. Contains all software available for download from the FactoryMation Software Downloads Page and a PDF copy of the current FactoryMation Catalog. Software for AC Drives, Digital Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers, Enclosure Thermal Management, Fuse Selection, HMI Touch Panels, and Programmable Logic Controllers is pre-loaded.