Eldon Vortex Coolers

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FactoryMation Software USB. Contains all software available for download from the FactoryMation Software Downloads Page and a PDF copy of the current FactoryMation Catalog. Software for AC Drives, Digital Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers, Enclosure Thermal Management, Fuse Selection, HMI Touch Panels, and Programmable Logic Controllers is pre-loaded.
Eldon Vortex Cooler Stainless Steel, IP56, 586W, 5.5 - 7 Bar
Typically Ships Within 10-12 Weeks
Eldon Vortex Cooler, 820W, (2800 BTU/H)
Eldon Vortex Cooler, 586W, (2000 BTU/H)
Eldon Vortex Cooler, 293W, (1000 BTU/H)
Eldon Vortex Cooler, 162W, (550 BTU/H)