SG2 PLR Smart Relay

SG2 PLR Smart Relay
Smart Relays, also known as Programmable Logic Relays (PLRs), are similar to programmable logic controllers and replace traditional relay logic with logic that can be programmed into the device. This programmable logic also provides flexibility by allowing for easy modification based on system needs without rewiring a panel. A PLR can replace various control devices (such as traditional relays) and circuits by consolidating controls from multiple pieces of equipment.
  • • Digital
  • • Analog
  • • Pt 100 (optional temperature module)
  • • 12VDC
  • • 24VDC
  • • 85-240VAC
  • • 16x4 LCD backlit display
  • • 8 function keys, 4 user defined keys
  • • 31 customizable message screens
  • • Relay (8A resistive load)
  • • Transistor
  • • Analog (optional 0-10V or 0-20mA module)
  • • 300 Ladder rungs
  • • 260 Function block instructions
  • • 126 Internal auxiliary instructions
  • • 31 Timer instructions
  • • 31 HMI instructions
  • • 31 Counter instructions
  • • 31 Real-time clock instructions
  • • 31 Analog compare instructions
  • • 240 Data registers
  • • 15 PID instructions
  • • 15 Multiplexer instructions (2 bit)
  • • 62 Math instructions (+, -, x, ÷)
  • • 15 Analog ramp instructions
  • • 2 PWM instructions
  • • Shift instruction

Other Powerful Features
  • Retentive FLASH memory to safely store programs, no battery required
  • Real-time clock/calendar with daylight savings mode
  • Dual purpose analog 0-10V / DC digital inputs on DC power models
  • Removable memory cartridge for program backup, transferring programs to multiple PLR’s, or ship updates to onsite customers
  • Optional “V” Series units include RS-485 Modbus port
  • Snap-on expansion modules allow expansion up to 56 I/O depending upon base module and expansion configuration
  • IP20 enclosed case (all but bareboard)
  • Removable spare memory cartridge option
  • 2 channel high-speed DC inputs (1 kHz) for single channel encoder or pulse catch
  • PWM DC output, 1CH / 16-bit
  • DIN-rail or panel mount

“Blind” Type Modules
  • All the capabilities of the Full Featured module but without HMI components
  • Useful for applications where operator interface is not required or desired
  • Expandable via snap on modules

“Bare-board” Type Modules
  • Ideal for OEM applications
  • Lack of casing makes the bare-board modules useful for mounting inside equipment when space can be at a premium.
  • Non expandable

Digital Expansion
  • Add up to maximum 3 Digital Expansion Modules
  • Expansion powered separately to allow any mix/match combination
  • 4 DC IN/ 4 RELAY OUT Model
  • 4 DC IN/ 4 TRANS. OUT Model
  • 4 AC IN/ 4 RELAY OUT Model
Analog IN
  • Add up to one Analog Input Module
  • Module adds 4 Analog Inputs
  • Accepts 0-10VDC or 0-20mA input signals

Pt100 Input
  • Add up to one Pt100 Temperature Input Module
  • 4 Pt100 Inputs (3 wire)
  • Input Range: -148° to 1112°F (-100°C to 600°C)
  • Resolution: 0.18°F (0.1°C), ±1% accuracy
Analog Out
  • Add up to 2 Analog Output Modules
  • Each module adds 2 Analog Outputs
  • Output Range: 0-10V (load > 500Ω), 0-20mA (load < 500Ω)
  • Resolution: 10-bit, 2.5% accuracy

Flexible and Easy to Use
  • Simple to Use Programming software is intuitive and Easy to Learn
  • Program with either Ladder Logic or Function Block
  • Software allows complete program simulation so that you can program and test without the need to purchase hardware.
  • Once program is downloaded to PLR, software can be used to monitor program operation from the ladder logic, function block, or keypad views.

Ladder Logic
  • Use up to 300 lines of simple ladder logic code with 4 instructions per line

Function Block
  • Also Program using Function Blocks with up to 260 function block instructions

Built-in simulations allow for testing of you application before putting it to use in the field
  • Control all aspects of the program you have created using simulated digital and analog inputs
  • Use the on-screen keypad to interact with the SG2 as if you were actually using it
  • Monitor the current status of the SG2 when linked with the computer running the programming software

With Display and Keypad

from $89

Without Display and Keypad

from $67

Without Display and Keypad

from $75

from $260

External Graphic Display

from $119