Micron General Purpose Transformer, Group N, 9 kVA PRI: 600 V TO 208Y/120 V: FCBN: 2-5% **Must Ship LTL Truck Freight**
Must Ship LTL Truck Freight
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Micron General Purpose Transformer, Group N, 9 kVA Type 3-E, PRI: 600 V TO 208Y/120 V: FCBN: 2-5%
  • Built and tested in accordance with applicable NEMA, ANSI and IEEE standards
  • All 600 volt class transformers are UL listed unless otherwise noted
  • Seismically tested, seismically qualified, and exceeds requirements of the Uniform Building Code (UBC) and California Code Title 24
  • Designed for 60 Hz operation
  • Short term overload is designed into transformers as required by ANSI: transformers will deliver 200% nameplate load for one-half hour; 150% load for one-hour; and 125% load for four-hours without being damaged provided that a constant 50% load precedes and follows the overload. See ANSI C57 .96-01.250 for additional limitations
  • Primary and secondary windings are terminated in the wiring compartment
  • Encapsulated units have copper leads or stabs brought out for connections, external cables rated at 90 °C (sized at 75 °C ampacity) for encapsulated designs recommended

Insulation System Classification

Winding Rise
Hot Spot
Temp. Class
40 °C55 °C10 °C105 °C
40 °C80 °C30 °C150 °C
40 °C115 °C30 °C185 °C

The design life of transformers having different insulation systems is the same -the lower temperature systems are designed
for the same life as the higher temperature systems.

Sound Levels
All Micron 600 volt class dry-type distribution transformers are designed to meet NEMA ST-20 levels listed here.

KVANEMA Average* Sound
Level in db40

*Applies to general purpose transformers only.

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