AC Drives

FactoryMation AC Drives from TECO and WEG that give many options to fit all your application needs. Various VFD are available in IP20, Type 1, and Type 4 chassis. These units can be selected according to your application requirements.
Common Applications
  • Extruders
  • Conveyor belts
  • Roller tables
  • Fans / Exhausters
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Granulators / Palletizers
  • Dryers and rotary ovens
  • Process dosing pumps
  • Stirrers / Mixers
  • Rotary filters
  • Winding machines / Uncoiling machines
Benefits of using AC drives:
  • Variable speed control of 3-phase AC motors
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration
  • Electronic overload protection for AC motor
  • Control three-phase motor with single-phase input power*
  • Improve power factor
  • Reduce peak inrush currents
  • * Derating required for units 5HP and above (call for details).
1/4 to 3HP

115V, 230V, or 460V Models

IP20 or Type 4x

from $114
1/2 to 75HP

230V or 460V Models

IP20 or Type 1

from $170
1/2 to 25HP

230V or 460V Models

Type 4X

Call for Pricing
1/3 to 1HP

230V Models


from $124
1/3 to 5HP

120V or 230V Models


from $133
1/2 to 40HP

230V or 460V Models


from $185
1.5 to 25HP

230V, 460V, or 575V Models

UL Type 4x

from $437
1 to 40HP

230V or 460V Models

(Discontinued, Limited Stock Available)
From $444
1 to 75HP

230V or 460V Models

Open Style or Type 1 Enclosed

from $17
1 to 200HP

230V or 460V Models

Open Chassis, Type 1, or Type 3R

from $114