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Finder Industrial Plug-in Relay, DPDT, 10A, 24V AC coil, AgNi contact

Price: $8.00
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Finder Industrial Plug-in Relay, DPDT, 10A, 24V AC coil, AgNi contact
  • Mechanical flag indicator (available on some versions)
  • Optional LED indicator shows coil ON or OFF status (available on some versions)
  • Lockable test button (available on some versions)
  • AgNi contacts (Cadmium free)
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C to 85°C
  • Compatible with 94 Series sockets
Relays Catalog / Selection Guide
94.02 Finder DIN -Rail/Panel mount screw terminal (Box Clamp) socket for 55.32 relay (blue) $5.00
094.00.4 Finder marking tag for 94.02, 94.03 and 94.04 sockets $1.00
094.71 Finder Metal Retaining Clip for 94.02, 94.03, 94.04 and 96.02 sockets $1.50
094.91.3 Finder plastic ejector/retaining clip for 94.02, 94.03 and 94.04 sockets (blue) $1.50
094.06 Finder 6-way jumper link for 58 Series / 94.02, 94.03, 94.04 and 56 Series / 96.02 sockets (blue) $3.00 Finder Suppression Module - LED Indicator Module for 6-24V AC/DC coil $3.00 Finder Suppression Module - Varistor & LED Indicator Module 6-24V AC/DC coil $4.00